Pay with Confidence. Pay Virtually.

Payments made with WEX’s Virtual Account On-Demand purchasing program provide a safe and efficient way to make highly-secured, one-time or recurring payments.

We give you greater control and automation over on-demand payment execution for maintenance, repair and operational expenses (MRO) and AP settlements – helping mitigate risk, reduce cost, streamline processes and achieve incremental revenue opportunity.

On-demand, on-time payment benefits from WEX:

  • Instantly issue via our secure web portal and email payment details direct to suppliers for easier, faster processing
  • Safeguard transaction information with the latest encrypting technology
  • Get greater visibility through real-time updates and reporting flexibility
  • Easily reconcile purchases with online account management and gain access to real-time updates and customized reporting.
  • Broad supplier acceptance via the Mastercard® Payment Network

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