Expense Management

Conquer expense reporting pain.

WEX’s expense management solutions help manage and control T&E costs while automating your workflow process – taking the pain out of expense reporting.

Financial Savings

Automated reporting reduces business costs and time spent. Easily increase employee adherence to company policy.


Increase access to data and analytics. Improve accuracy with travel integration.


Rein in out-of-policy spend and ensure your employees are always making the best purchasing decisions.

Understand spend to control it.

WEX shows you where your company spends money, on what and with which vendors. You gain visibility and insight to key spend metrics and analytics through an executive dashboard. Identify cost-saving opportunities and rein in out-of-policy expenses.

  • Improved Decision Making: Understand spending based on comprehensive analysis of all spend data.
  • Discounts: Leverage spending history to negotiate supplier contracts and discounts.
  • Compliance: Flag out-of-policy transactions and implement further controls where needed.

Discover the next generation in payment optimization.