Data Analytics

Insights, Unbound.

Before you can control your company’s spend, you have to understand it. While the purchase of critical materials is top-of-mind for most businesses, hard-to-track indirect costs like travel, office supplies and out-of-pocket expenses are often left unmonitored, resulting in needless overspending.

WEX Analytics shows you where your company spends money, on what and with which vendors. A deeper dive reveals outliers, variances and specific categories for a detailed picture of business expenses. Identify cost-saving opportunities, rein in out-of-policy expenses and target categories for strategic sourcing.


WEX Analytics benefits include:

  • Comprehensive online reporting and analytical tools designed to automate the review, allocation and reporting of all discretionary business expenses with supervisor oversight
  • Administrative oversight and reporting delivered on-demand, by selected date range and/or billing cycle
  • Configurable data exports can be requested on-demand or scheduled
  • Reports are available by cardholder, division, business unit, merchant, expense period, GL, travel, purchasing and fleet

One card. One platform.