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Paygenus is a powerful B2B payment network, designed by and for financial institutions, that connects buyers and suppliers delivering simplified payment execution. Paygenus ensures maximum buyer and supplier engagement by delivering a standardized approach to payment processing, cost savings and improved cash flow, and a balanced approach across the financial supply chain.

Harnessing the power of this B2B community comprised of hundreds of thousands of members, Paygenus optimizes the full spectrum of the buyer/supplier relationship.

The Paygenus Buyer advantage:

  • Migrate to electronic payments Day One
  • Bank agnostic framework
  • Integrated supplier onboarding and management program
  • Supports multiple payment types (Virtual Account, ACH, EFT with a Discount, Check)
  • Delivers complete payment transparency
  • Reduces costs
  • Optimizes discount opportunities
  • Simplifies integration, remittance and reconciliation


The Paygenus Supplier advantage:

  • Faster electronic payment delivery
  • Full remittance data
  • Reliable and secure settlement
  • Reduces DSO
  • Enhances visibility over payment timing and details
  • Improves process efficiencies from automation
  • Accelerates the sales cycle and lowers costs – access to thousands of buyers in the network

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