Unlock the value in electronic payments with accounts payable solutions.

Our Accounts Payable (AP) Solutions focus on enriching the buyer and supplier relationship by optimizing the payables process and moving to electronic payments. With AP payment solutions help organizations transition to safe, secure, electronic payments designed to lower cost, mitigate risk, and optimize discount administration and buyer/supplier collaboration.

Reduce Cost

Our AP payment solutions reduce manual processing costs and improve invoice reconciliation by moving to electronic payments.

Streamline Processes

At WEX, we provide the ability to leverage a bank agnostic framework to streamline accounts payable payment execution.

Mitigate Risk

Increased control over AP payments helps mitigate risk of errors and potential fraud.

Generate Revenue

You achieve margin improvement and discount advantages from optimized payables, plus you earn revenue on spend processed through the program.

Payment Optimization

Delivering value across the financial supply chain.


Unleash the power in payables optimization

Virtual AP

Streamline your AP process with virtual account payment optimization.

Integrated Payables

Further optimize your payables – regardless of payment type.

Managed Payables

Maximum payment optimization and terms management.

Bringing real value to Suppliers.

A powerful payment network for buyers and suppliers.